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2021 Musica, Colori, Emozioni: 10 Playlist Cromatiche

Le nostre emozioni sono fondamentali per stabilire il modo con cui noi rispondiamo alle sollecitazioni esterne. Tra quest’ultime giocano un ruolo determinante la musica ed i colori, in particolare ciascuno di noi può intonare un colore o una particolare sfumatura ad una singola canzone. Perché? Probabilmente perché sia i colori, che le canzoni, riescono a connettersi ai nostri stati d’animo più intimi: rabbia, tristezza, dolore, gioia, serenità…

Quando ascoltiamo la musica, dunque, è naturale “vedere” un determinato colore; alcuni studi scientifici hanno, addirittura, dimostrato che queste associazioni sono indipendenti dalle complesse sovrastrutture imposte dalla società moderna, dalle coordinate geografiche, dall’etnia, dai costumi, dalle usanze o dalla religione, ma sono ubicate ad un livello più profondo ed istintivo del nostro inconscio.

Senza addentrarci nei meandri di questi studi, in un territorio nel quale statistica, matematica, musica, biologia, neurologia e psicologia congiungono i loro sforzi, abbiamo provato a stilare una serie di playlist, ciascuna delle quali è associata ad uno specifico colore: nero, bianco, rosso, blu, rosa, verde, violetto, spettrale e metallico. Sorvolando sui meccanismi con cui i nostri neuroni codificano le varie stimolazioni sensoriali e sulle svariate modalità con cui si instaura quella relazione crossmodale tra la musica e i colori, ci siamo semplicemente lasciati ispirare dalle emozioni che suscitavano i diversi brani, oltre che, ovviamente, dai nostri ricordi passati, dalle nostre aspettative future e dalle nostre esperienze personali, tentando, il più possibile, di far emergere quell’intimo, antico e prezioso legame tra la percezione visiva e quella uditiva, tra il mondo della musica e quello dei colori.

Buon ascolto. Buona visione.

PLAYLIST #01 BLACK ONE [1h 42min]
1.Atlanta (Stone Temple Pilots) – 2.Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (The Smashing Pumpkins) – 3.Isolation Years (Opeth) – 4.Solitude (Candlemass) – 5.Wolf Of Moon (Type O Negative) – 6.The Sparrow (Mastodon) – 7.Rotten Apple (Alice In Chains) – 8.Half Day Closing (Portishead) – 9.Solitude Is Bliss (Tame Impala) – 10.A Dying God Come Into Human Flesh (Celtic Frost) – 11.Desolate Ways (Morbid Angel) – 12.When The Levee Breaks (A Perfect Circle) – 13.Planet Caravan (Pantera) – 14.Jail (DOWN) – 15.The Depth Of Self-Destruction (Riverside) – 16.Do You Dream Me? (Tiamat) – 17.Slip Away (Mad Season) – 18.A Celebration For The Death Of Man (Agalloch) – 19.Fraccions (Soen) – 20.Ecailles De Lune, Pt.1 (Alcest)

PLAYLIST #02 WHITE ONE [1h 35min]
1.Aurora Borealis (Meat Puppets) – 2.Song To Sing When I’m Lonely (John Frusciante) – 3.Picture Me In A Hospital (Babyshamblers) – 4.Ultra Violet Light My Way (U2) – 5.Lannoy Point (Ride) – 6.A Cure (Blonde Redhead) – 7.Spectral Eyes (Johnny Marr) – 8.Lift (Radiohead) – 9.Rest My Chemisty (Interpol) – 10.Press Enter To Exit (The Horrors) – 11.Father To A Sister Of Thought (Pavement) – 12.Sunday (Sonic Youth) – 13.The Ballad Of Red Buckets (Yo La Tengo) – 14.Hope & Pray (The Underground Youth) – 15.Star Roving (Slowdive) – 16.Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (Spiritualized) – 17.Found You (Django Django) – 18.I Used To (LCD Soundsystem) – 19.Chromakey Dreamcoat (Boards Of Canada) – 20.Boreal Forest Opper (Caribou)

PLAYLIST #03 BLUE ONE [1h 42min]
1.Harmony Korine (Steve Wilson) – 2.Blind (Swans) – 3.Pontiac 87 (Protomartyr) – 4.Any Day Now (Elbow) – 5.Waiting On A Dream (Lee Ranaldo) – 6.Diving Woman (Japanese Breakfast) – 7.Demon In Profile (The Afghan Whigs) – 8.Love Burns (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) – 9.Another One Goes By (The Walkmen) – 10.Out Of This World (The Cure) – 11.The Right Stuff (Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds) – 12.Out Of Time (Blur) – 13.The Vagabond (Air) – 14.Bonnie And Clyde (Luna) – 15.Alone Again Or (Calexico) – 16.The Poison Tree (The Good, The Bad & The Queen) – 17.Satan Said Dance (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) – 18.Ankle Injuries (Fujiya & Miyagi) – 19.Rabbit In Your Headlights (UNKLE & Thom Yorke) – 20.The State We’re In (The Chemical Brothers)

PLAYLIST #04 RED ONE [1h 52min]
1.Mantra (Dave Grohl, Josh Homme & Trent Reznor) – 2.The Warmth (Incubus) – 3.Letting The Cables Sleep (Bush) – 4.You Are (Pearl Jam) – 5.Autopilot (Mondo Generator) – 6.Irresistible Force (Jane’s Addiction) – 7.Closer (Anathema) – 8.Embers Fire (Paradise Lost) – 9.Paranova (Antimatter) – 10.Melted Jubilee (This Will Destroy You) – 11.Will You Smile Again For Me (…And You Will Know Us By Trail Of Dead) – 12.Leave (R.E.M.) – 13.The End Of The Beginning (God Is An Astronaut) – 14.A Song For The Lovers (Richard Ashcroft) – 15.Darker (Doves) – 16.Warflower (The Mayan Factor) – 17.I Am The Morning (Oceansize) – 18.The Start Of Something Beatiful (Porcupine Tree) – 19.Youngblood (Russian Circles) – 20.Ash/Black Veil (Apparat)

PLAYLIST #05 PINK ONE [1h 48min]
1.Astronomy Domine (Vibravoid) – 2.Take Up The Stethoscope And Walk (Ty Segall) – 3.Lucifer Sam (Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard) – 4.Pigs (Doom Side Of The Moon) – 5.Have A Cigar (Foo Fighters) – 6.Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Kylesa) – 7.The Nile Song (Voivod) – 8.Time (Godsmack) – 9.Let There Be More Light (Vibravoid) – 10.Us And Them (The Flaming Lips & Henry Rollins) – 11.Money (Velvet Revolver) – 12.See Emily Play (David Bowie) – 13.Cymbaline (Hawkwind Zoo) – 14.Wish You Were Here (Sparklehorse) – 15.Fearless (Low) – 16.One Of The Few (Anathema) – 17.Welcome To The Machine (Antimatter) – 18.Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 1,2,3 (Korn) – 19.Wish You Were Here (Tangerine Dream) – 20.Comfortably Numb (Staind)

PLAYLIST #06 YELLOW ONE [1h 42min]
1.Black Sands (Bonobo) – 2.Lemon Glow (Beach House) – 3.Some Kind Of Nature (Gorillaz feat. Lou Reed) – 4.Trim (Underworld) – 5.Blood Like Lemonade (Morcheeba) – 6.Daisies Of The Galaxy (Eels) – 7.Champagne Supernova (Oasis) – 8.Metronimic Underground (Stereolab) – 9.Get Down Moses (Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros) – 10.Girl I Love You (Massive Attack) – 11.Babies (Pulp) – 12.More News From Nowhere (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) – 13.Safari (The Breeders) – 14.Honey (King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard) – 15.Fingertips (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) – 16.Sweet And Love (Fugazi) – 17.These Shadows (Wooden Shjips) – 18.Oh! Sweet Nutin’ (The Velvet Underground) – 19.Girls (Death In Vegas) – 20.In Spite Of Me (Morphine)

PLAYLIST #07 VIOLET ONE [1h 33min]
1.Hello Spaceboy (David Bowie) – 2.Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This (Marilyn Manson) – 3.It’s No Good (Depeche Mode) – 4.MK Ultra (Muse) – 5.Violet (Hole) – 6.Dirty Magic (The Offspring) – 7.Charlie Big Potato (Skunk Anansie) – 8.Neon Moon (Cigarettes After Sex) – 9.Pure Morning (Placebo) – 10.New Gold Dreams (Simple Minds) – 11.Bullet (Covenant) – 12.Ziggy Stardust (Bauhaus) – 13.Take The World (She Wants Revenge) – 14.Euphoria (Killing Joke) – 15.The Witch (The Cult) – 16.We’re In This Together (Nine Inch Nails) – 17.Neon Knights (Black Sabbath) – 18.Stripsearch (Faith No More) – 19.Followed The Waves (Melissa Aud Der Maur) – 20.Wicked Game (HIM)

PLAYLIST #08 GREEN ONE [1h 18min]
1.Emerald And Stone (Brian Eno,Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams) – 2.Charlie Don’t Surf (The Clash) – 3.Heaven (Talking Heads) – 4.The Golden Age (Beck) – 5.These Days (Nico) – 6.Wave Of Mutilation (Pixies) – 7.Glass, Concrete & Stone (David Byrne) – 8.All Things Must Pass (George Harrison) – 9.Shoot You Down (The Stone Roses) – 10.Nobody But You (Lou Reed & John Cale) – 11.Sometimes Always (The Jesus And Mary Chain) – 12.Days (Television) – 13.Feel The Pain (Dinosaur Jr.) – 14.With You (The Flaming Lips) – 15.Kimberly Austin (Porno For Pyros) – 16.Independence Day (Elliott Smith) – 17.History Lesson Part 2 (Minutemen) – 18.Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam (The Vaselines) – 19.Misunderstood (Wilco) – 20.The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin)

PLAYLIST #09 GHOST ONE [1h 57min]
1.Ghost Song (The Doors) – 2.Run Like Hell (Nine Inch Nails) – 3.Lost In Moments (Ulver) – 4.Decades (Joy Division) – 5.Forever (Siouxsie And The Banshees) – 6.Shadow Of A Dubt (Sonic Youth) – 7.Mer (Chelsea Wolfe) – 8.Tattooed Man (Coil) – 9.Good Morining, Captain (Slint) – 10.One Hundred Years (The Cure) – 11.The Mysterious Vanishing Of Electra (Anna Von Hausswolff) – 12.Evangeline (Angels Of Light) – 13.Wild In Blue (Suicide) – 14.Black Hearted Love (PJ Harvey & John Parish) – 15.The Hall Of Mirrors (Kraftwerk) – 16.Pinky’s Dream (David Lynch, Karen O & Trentemoller) – 17.Music Won’t Save You (SUUNS) – 18.Protection (Emma Ruth Rundle) – 19.Passing Through (Cult Of Luna) – 20.Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Bauhaus)

PLAYLIST #10 IRON ONE [1h 41min]
1.Dragonaut (Sleep) – 2.Stinkfist (TOOL) – 3.Outshined (Soundgarden) – 4.Inertiatic Esp (The Mars Volta) – 5.Blackened (Metallica) – 6.Funeralopolis (Electric Wizard) – 7.Love Buzz (Nirvana) – 8.Go With The Flow (Queens Of The Stone Age) – 9.Know Your Enemy (Rage Against The Machine) – 10.Suite-Pee (System Of A Down) – 11.Ball Tongue (Korn) – 12.Just Another Victim (Helmet) – 13.Minerva (Deftones) – 14.Welcome To The Fold (Filter) – 15.Refuse / Resist (Sepultura) – 16.New Millennium Cyanide Christ (Meshuggah) – 17.Season In The Abyss (Slayer) – 18.Death Blooms (Mudvayne) – 19.Davidian (Machine Head) – 20.Just One Fix (Ministry)

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